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The Ecuadorian Andes, creating a natural divide between Amazon and Coastal regions, is an area of astounding beauty and diversity. The striking peaks of the volcanoes provide a magical backdrop to the rolling hills and patchwork fields of the valleys. This patchwork is also reflected in the cultures of the region; many indigenous cultures continue their traditions and Quechua can still be heard spoken, now often mixed with Spanish. The cities of the Andes are also a real treat, boasting colonial architecture, bustling markets and pre-Incan history, there is something for everyone.


Andes and Amazon 15 days

FROM $2.800

A land of incredible diversity, Ecuador has a wealth of natural and cultural attractions to choose from. This tour encompasses our favourite destinations of the Andean and Amazonian regions.


Northern Ecuador 9 days

FROM $1.750

Take a wonder with us along the famous ‘Avenida de los volcanes’, from the UNESCO site of Quito heading south to discover the stunning scenery that can be found at almost every turn.


Southern Ecuador 7 days

FROM $1.299

A microcosm of Ecuador itself, southern Ecuador provides an incredibly rich mix of history, culture and nature, all in easy reach from the UNESCO heritage site of Cuenca.


Southern Ecuador 7 Days + Loja

FROM $2.549

Southern Ecuador has a wealth of cultural and natural delights just waiting to be enjoyed. From the heights of Cuenca at 2500 masl to the valley of Vilcabamba at 1500masl, this is journey not only transitions altitudes.

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